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With our wide variety of products and services we are confident that not only can we provide exactly what you are looking for, but we can do it faster and more reliably than ever before!

Our fully automated system puts Social Media Marketing to work for you.  We turn clicks into cash, not charts and graphs! Our process gives your staff the tools they need to convert leads into appointments, appointments into sales, and sales into profit! Welcome to the new era of Marketing! Reach the perfect customer, give them a reason to take action, and grow a database of opted-in potential clients when they do!! ENOUGH talking watch the video already!!!

DesignDonkey Marketing
The Concept

What if all you had to do was answer your phone? Yes, the one in your hand, and when you did you heard a whisper of who you were about to talk to and what product they were interested in, and it automatically connected you with in seconds of lead generation!! All you had to do was answer the phone and speak to them and set an appointment to do business. Magical right?? It’s our reality! We do the work, we get the leads to opt-in and all you have to do is answer the phone!! Please keep it well charged… You’re gonna want to answer that!!

DesignDonkey Marketing
Any Industry Any Business

Yes that means YOU!!!

Our process works for any type of company.  Restaurants, Real Estate, Home Loans, Small Business, Churches, Car Dealerships, Yoga Studio, Gym, Pest Control, Landscaping, Coke-a-Cola (Please call us).  Whatever it is your company does, if talking to a person who might want to buy what you’re selling is important to you, then we have the solution you need!!!

DesignDonkey Marketing
Real Opted-In Leads

When you grow a database of real opted in potential clients you have to ability to continue to market to them until they buy.  This means that you have something tangible that’s building each month. Our system systematically sends out SMS Messages, Emails, and Voice Drops which keeps you in contact with your new potential customers while you focus on what’s really important… Your job! All of our work integrates with most major CRM’s which makes your follow up process a breeze.

DesignDonkey Marketing
What Makes Us Different

We are a results-based company.  Charts and Graphs are cool but what we will provide you are real calls to action that create real connections, real appointments, and real sales! Actual Sales the kind you can track!  We will help make your team more efficient, more productive and more ACCOUNTABLE!! No one can hide. Why? cause your phone is ringing and when it does someone has to answer it! Not to mention your new lead is already in your CRM, your managers have received an SMS message and an email letting them know they have a potential new client!

DesignDonkey Marketing
What Do You Have To Lose

Stop living in the past with traditional media that leaves you with no data and no ability to retarget the customers who actually  engaged in your content. Not to mention you have no idea of who even consumed your advertisement. Start maximizing your budget today and capitalizing on the power of direct targeting, and automated rapid response lead generation.

DesignDonkey Marketing
More Traffic = More Sales.

That is some easy math! Enticing offers placed directly in front of specific people who are more likely to respond combined with a clear and concise call to action! We create the content, we create the ads, we deliver the leads you have more people to talk to and all you have to do is sell your product.

Marketing Options


Direct Mail (any shape, size, data or widget) with the fastest turn times in the country. Its really that easy.

Content Creation

TV or Social Media Content Production, Custom Radio Production, there is really nothing that we can not create for you.

Social Media Management

We will grow your brand so you can focus on what you do best making sales.

Slasher Sales Events®

We are the creators of the best sales event in the history of automotive retail the “Slasher Sales Event®”

On Site Sales

Custom events for your dealership scaled for your staff and geared toward your personal goals.

Off Site Tent Sales

Turn key offsite Tent Sales. You show up, bring the cars, and you are ready to do business!

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