Custom die cut stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Die Cut

Each circle sticker is printed on durable vinyl with a sleek matte finish, ensuring a professional appearance and feel.


Custom rectangle stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Rectangle Stickers

Custom square stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Square Stickers

Make your own bumper stickers with removable adhesive, ideal for cars and trucks. Thick, durable vinyl protects your bumper sticker from scratches, water & sunlight. Display your own message or design in any shape & color.

Bumper Stickers

Custom oval stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Oval Stickers

Custom rounded corner stickers are a fast and easy way to promote your business, brand or event. Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water & sunlight.

Rounded Edges Stickers

Custom sticker sheets let you fit multiple sticker designs on one sheet. Customize the entire page and place stickers anywhere you like.

Sticker Sheets
Custom labels and stickers that kick ass

At Design Donkey we offer customized labels made fast & easy. Select custom labels on sheets, individually cut-down labels, or custom roll labels (recommended for larger volumes). Whether you are applying your labels by hand or by machine, we have the perfect solution.

Custom stickers are the fastest and easiest way to promote your business, product, or event – and DesignDonkey is the easiest way to buy custom stickers. We’ll make beautiful vinyl custom stickers from any artwork, logo, or photo. .

We can print food and beverage labels, healthcare and pharmaceutical labels, chemicals, corporate promotional items, parking permits, team and school spirit materials – you name it, we can print it.

Specialty Label

Foil Accent Labels

  • Light-catching and durable foil
  • Available in dozens of colors
  • Can be added to all or part of a design

Cannabis Product Labels

  • Quick turnaround helps you comply with government requirements
  • Consistent, high quality means your labels look great on any container

Food & Drink Labels

  • All of our label materials are FDA-approved for incidental food contact
  • Durable materials that hold up to changes in temperature and moisture
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3 Reasons Why BOPP Labels Are Great For Labels & Stickers

Most label companies offer semi-gloss paper as their default material. Paper is cheap, but unfortunately it isn’t very durable. It tends to fall apart when exposed to moisture, heat, cold, stains, or repeat handling. That’s why we made a conscious decision years ago to use BOPP instead of paper.

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene) is a specially-created labeling material made of thin white polypropylene plastic film.

BOPP comes in white, clear, and what we like to call “chrome” labels (which have a shiny silver-like appearance).

Here’s why we recommend BOPP over semi-gloss labels:

1. BOPP labels are practically indestructible.

BOPP labels are designed to last the entire lifetime of your product.

By the time your customer has finished your product and is throwing out the container, paper labels will look much worse for wear. BOPP labels will still look brand-new, which makes it easier for your customers to reorder your product.

That’s because polypropylene film is durable, hard-wearing, immune to temperature fluctuations, stain resistant, acid resistant, solvent resistant, and effectively impervious to moisture and other elements.

BOPP stands up easily to punishment that would simply destroy a paper label. That keeps your product looking good throughout its life.

2. BOPP is perfect for almost any kind of product.

What kinds of products should use BOPP labels?

  • Bath and body products that are exposed to water, steam, and repeat handling for months on end.
  • Food products. BOPP labels are stain-resistant and acid-resistant. They also shrug off the condensation and temperature fluctuations of being stored in a refrigerator.
  • Cleaning or cosmetic products containing common solvents, acids, or bases.
  • Any product that will be exposed to moisture, heat, cold, or repeat handling.
  • Almost any product. For the vast majority of applications, BOPP is the perfect choice.

3. BOPP labels also look gorgeous.

Today, customers increasingly make their buying decisions online. That means that the image of your product is more critical than ever before. BOPP helps your product look its best online or on the shelf.

It’s because of the way the printing process works. When ordinary paper labels run through the printing press, they tend to absorb some of the ink, and the resulting image can look flat and dull.

But the image stays crisp when printed on BOPP. That’s because polypropylene film doesn’t absorb anything. Instead, the ink stays on the surface of the label (and is over-laminated with a very thin layer of clear polypropylene for extra protection). As a result, BOPP labels look brighter and more vibrant then paper labels. That makes your product more eye-catching to customers.

The cannabis products market is growing as several states have legalized medical and recreational cannabis use. When customers look for cannabis-related products they can be overwhelmed by the growing range of choices. How will your products stand out from the rest? Your product label is a significant differentiator affecting consumers’ buying decisions. The product label is where they look for information regarding your product.


Labeling rules continue to change for my cannabis products

Local and state label regulations, including sequential numbering and barcodes, child warning labels, and more, continue to rapidly evolve. I need the ability to be flexible with my labeling so I’m not caught with a huge inventory of out-of-compliance product labels.


We allows you to order product labels on demand

Just about anything can change – customers’ preferences, container shapes, government regulations – and you need to be able to adapt.


My cannabis product label needs to consistently look good on all containers

Cannabis product consumers face a bewildering array of packaging: glass and plastic jars, rigid tubes, decorative tins, cartons, flexible pouches, bottles, etc. I need my labels to be distinctive and consistent when applied to all packaging types.


Our prints using high-quality materials and digital presses

We offer a variety of high-quality label materials and adhesives designed to accommodate various containers. Coupled with our use of digital presses, your labels will look great regardless of the container used.

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Getting a custom label design has never been easier

A label is a vital aspect to your product’s success or failure. It is what captures a customer’s attention and helps guide the decision-making and buying process. Our professional graphic design team here at Wizard Labels can help make your label dreams a reality! Whether you need to refresh your current label design or start a design from the beginning stages, our team can help.


  • Custom Label Sizes
  • Recommendations on material & lamination
  • Professional product label design
  • Print ready files


  • Professional design
  • Color recommendations
  • Update to your existing label
  • Print ready files

Origins of Die Cut Labels

There are significant challenges associated with the die-cutting process. Each job needs to have the appropriate die mounted and aligned to make the perfect cut around your printed artwork, which involves a lot of setup time and waste before everything is ready to go. The actual cutting itself is usually very high-speed, but the setup process is inefficient and wasteful – adding cost and delays in the production cycle.

You may have faced an extra charge – usually hundreds of dollars – by your label vendor if you need a label size for which they don’t already have a die. Or you may need a custom shape – to add visual appeal to your labels – that doesn’t exist in your printer’s die collection. In the past, these “special shapes” also meant extra cost. Not anymore.

In recent years we’ve witnessed an explosion in gourmet, ethnic, and specialty food products. Whether seen on grocery store shelves or a community farmers’ market, custom product labels will make your product instantly recognizable by your target consumers. Our leading-edge digital presses produce photo quality images, allowing you to showcase your products in their finest glory with food label printing of exceptional quality.

Food product labels involve unique challenges as each label must appear as fresh as the brand and product it portrays. Your product may live in demanding environments – variable temperature, high humidity or refrigeration for example – for months or even years. In such conditions the product label can’t spoil, unfurl, or show wear and tear before the food inside the package does.

We print commercial grade product labels – not cheap stickers that wither the first time your customer opens the container. Our custom food labels are printed using the latest digital techniques, using high-quality materials for longer-lasting results.

Bath and body products are everywhere these days. The wide range of choices can overwhelm consumers. How will your products stand out from the rest? From skin cleansers to moisturizers and everything in between, research shows the product label is one of the most important factors when shoppers choose which brand to buy.

Custom bath and body labels are the visual cue that captures customer attention and helps make sure your product is chosen when discerning shoppers make that all-important buying decision.

However, custom bath and body labels must also stand up to unusual abuse — oils, moisture, and repeated use over extended periods in varying conditions. We only  use the highest-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure your product labels stand the test of time.

Nutritional supplements and personal health care products sold in health and natural food stores are a booming market segment. There are often stringent label requirements promulgated by national, state and local regulatory agencies, and consumers also have high expectations about what they want to see on the product label.

Because such requirements can often change with little warning, your nutraceutical labels must keep pace with the market and any regulatory changes. Our innovative approach to to ordering and quick packaging label printing, you can print just enough product labels to meet current demand – which is better for cashflow as well as inventory control. Too often we hear of customers throwing out rolls of perfectly good nutraceutical labels because they didn’t anticipate a change in requirements.

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