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Why Digital Marketing

Consumers go to the internet to look for products and services daily that fit their needs. They use search engines and social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to ask for recommendations to people from the members of their current network.

When you choose to participate as a business on social media, you are saying YES to being found online by the people who are searching daily for your products/services.

Facebook Ads

Facebook isn’t just for connecting with friends. A sound Facebook ads strategy can do wonders for your business. Reach and engage with your customers at the right time.


LinkedIn is the most important social media site when it comes to networking and making new connections with prospects, clients, and business partners.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram a fun place interact with customers and share interesting media related to your business, but it’s also a great avenue to drive traffic to your website.


Pinterest has become the customizable and creative outlet for people to showcase their interests, style, and taste. It’s allowed users to create their own brand and drive traffic.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to keep in contact with your customers and notify them of events and sales relating to your business

Google Search

Creating visibility where it matters most. Google Search marketing is a critical strategy for all businesses who want to gain and grow their companies.

Data is King!

Without it you are randomly throwing money behind ad platforms and hoping something works out. Our goal is to track every single point in the consumer’s journey and capitalize on the one’s that provide the highest return. You could be spend hundreds or thousands of dollars through television advertising and never really understand that your greatest market is on Google search console or an even a more obscure source of traffic.

Through the creation of these attribution models we can show you where your money is being wasted and where the opportunities are. Data also allows us to optimize not just advertisements, but your actual website as well. Through heat map generations and user recordings we can see how consumers interact with your website. Taking those recordings, we are able to identify any bugs or barriers that prevent consumers from regularly converting. All of this is done to maximize the user experience while on the site which ties back into the SEO work, causing you to rank higher. Our strategy is built around bringing everything full circle and continually optimizing.


On-page analysis takes several criteria into consideration, including URL structure, meta data, content quality, keywords, performance, user behavior, design and other factors. A technical SEO audit gives you insight into what your site is doing well, and what it could do much better.


Off page SEO analysis is basically the process of finding out what others think of you, and determining the quality of the company you keep. This includes detailing any backlinks that have the potential to cause harm to the website along with a plan to remove or disavow.

  • Target location specific results
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Targeting key phrases that generate real revenue for your business
  • Stand out on top of less relevant results
  • Display your business listing
  • Ensure prospects searching your local area find you

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